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Raised in New Hampshire, USA, Jon May never expected to be a working musician in Canada. Jon grew up an avid music lover whose passion for the drums eventually landed him in the Great White North. Completing a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Studies at the University of Southern Maine. He has played everything from Jazz, Folk, Avant-guard, Rock, Classical, Bee-bop, Country and beyond with such groups as Juno award winner Laila Biali, Blake Reid, The Mocking Shadows, John Wort Hannam, The Polyjesters, Terra Hazelton, Ian Tomas and many, many others. He is a featured artist in the award winning documentary, "No Roads In" and has a lead roll in the 2019 Calgary Stampede Grand Stand Show.   He has toured extensively through the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe. Jon taught at the University of New Hampshire’s Summer Youth Music School, The Mt. Royal Jazz Camp as well as the Long Lake Camp for the Arts in New York where he met his wife. After following her back to her home in Canada in 2005, Jon got his start at a local jam, rapidly working his way through the ranks to become one of Western Canada’s top musicians. As a talented composer, teacher, recording artist and player, Jon brings a thoughtfulness to the Canadian music scene, where he bridges a gap between many genres. He Currently lives with his wife and two young children in Calgary, Alberta.


“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”

Ludwig van Beethoven



Calgary Alberta




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